the girl and the giraffe

An uplifting show about friendship. One day whilst Girl is playing in her garden, she spots something peculiar on the other side of the fence. Climbing up as high as she can to get a better view, she is surprised when she comes face to face with... Giraffe!
what's it about

As their friendship grows, Girl discovers that Giraffe isn`t very well. She tries everything she can to make him feel a bit better; putting on bandages, making a cup of tea, and even baking a truly magnificent cake, but she doesn`t get it quite right. Girl soon realizes that Giraffe doesn`t need a plaster for a graze on his arm or a scratch on his knee. Giraffe is sad. Sometimes we need a different kind of plaster for the things you can`t always see. Charming puppetry, an enchanting soundscape and beautiful storytelling combine in this sensitive show about wellbeing and friendship, told from a child`s perspective.

Free Craft Sessions for Ticket Holders

11.00am until 3.30pm

To make Giraffe feel welcome, we have arranged some fun giraffe inspired activities for everyone to participate in.

Sam's Funky Faces will be offering free face painting while Arty Crafty Kidz have lots of free arts and crafts for you to do during your visit.

Our coffee shop will be selling banana and chocolate mini milk shakes for you to enjoy as well.

Please note that only customers and their children who have tickets to see The Girl and the Giraffe may take part in the free activities. Your tickets to see the show must be purchased before you take part in any of the advertised activities. Thank you.

The Girl and the Giraffe interview from Half Moon Theatre on Vimeo.

Showings: Wednesday 26th July 2017 at 2.00pm. Suitable for 3 - 6 year olds.
Pricing: Tickets: £9.00 Please note a website transaction fee of £1 will be added to each ticket. This includes 50p Restoration Levy and will be capped at £7. Please note that tickets are non-refundable.